Carousel First Birthday

I CANNOT believe Blair is the big ONE. I’ve been planning her first birthday party for 4 months now. I wanted it to be a Pinterest worthy party and one to remember, even if she won’t! 

First up, picking a theme. I wanted something puny on the word “one” or “first”. Ideas I saw on Pinterest: One in a melon (watermelon), winter ONEderland, ONEder the sea (mermaids). I didn’t feel inspired. Ultimately, I couldn’t come up with something puny. I wanted something that wasn’t done all the time. In the end, I chose carousel horses with a light pink, lavender, mint and gold color scheme. Most of the decorations were DIY and I will mention all the vendors below.

My first project was transforming vintage spring rocking horses into carousel horses. Shout out to Jordan for donating her used horse and Micaela for meeting someone from Facebook marketplace in Louisville to grab my second horse. You’ll get to see the horse transformations in my pictures below. 

High chair carousel banner from GigglesandWiggles1 on Etsy.
Horse #2 repainted

ONE letters purchased from Michael’s as unfinished paper mache letters. I then decorated them with felt paper, yarn and scrapbook stickers to match her carousel theme.

My favorite decoration was the balloon arch. Although time consuming, it was very easy to put together. I used various sized and colored balloons and attached them to a balloon decorating strip. I then used balloon dots to fill in the smaller size balloons to give it more dimension. Pro tip: purchase an electric balloon pump, it will save you in the long run and is worth the price. I will definitely be attempting this again in the future for another party.

Horse #2 featured in this picture repainted.
The dessert table.
We had a white cake with blackberry filling cake for the tiered cake. Rachael Barth made all three of our cakes and they were a huge hit. She was great to work with and very reasonably priced. She had full control of the creative process and is even able to make gluten-free cakes.
Cookies were made by Dream Big Bake Shoppe. They were as delicious as they were pretty. If you need cookies for a future party, she is your girl.

Blair’s first birthday party was everything I could’ve ever dreamed (besides the rain). It was a lot of work but so worth it in the end. Time to start planning her second birthday party (Just kidding, sort of.). I was overwhelmed by the amount of people that came to help celebrate this special milestone in our lives. She is a special girl and we think she deserves the world.